FLEOA Partnering with 9/11 Health Watch

The events of September 11th, 2001 changed thousands of lives and still, almost twelve years later, its impact is still being felt.

Thousands of first responders that ran into danger, without regard for their personal safety, ended up with lingering effects from that brave act.
Debilitating lung issues, muscular injuries, traumatic brain injuries and cancers are rampant among those who may end up still “giving all.” The death rate from 9/11 exposure, which was initially downplayed, will exceed the death toll from the act of murder itself and we must stay vigilant.

Congress, after much pressure, acted and finally passed the James Zadroga, 9/11 Health and Compensation Act. It finally gave 9/11 responders a health care tracking and monitoring mechanism, with a sunset date, that must be maintained.

Concerned 9/11 responders and supporters of 9/11 responders mobilized and formed two groups; The 9/11 Health Watch and Citizens for the Extension of the James Zadroga Act.

Since pressure is the only mechanism that seems to keep the government true to its responsibilities, the 9/11 Health Watch is up and running and will work to ensure that the James Zadroga Act is properly implemented and supported.

To help further their mission, the Federal Law Enforcement Officers Association is encouraging concerned 9/11 responders to join this organization and help in sustaining their rightful health care.

As we get further away from 9/11/01, memories will fade and the heroes and survivors care will surely be viewed in the light of hindsight vs the realities of the lingering health issues. Unless we stay vigilant, those benefits may disappear.

It is easy to sign up and join the 9/11 Health Watch so you can get updates on how these necessary 9/11 programs are being treated and how it will affect you.

Our nations vigilance may have faltered prior to 9/11, but we must always ensure 9/11 and its aftermath are “never forgotten.”