FDNY Clinic Funding


It appears that for several years the U. S. Department of the Treasury has been withholding portions of payments made to the FDNY World Trade Center Health Program, under its contract to provide services for 9/11 responders who worked for the FDNY, both Firefighters and EMS personnel.

When FDNY Clinic Director Dr. David Prezant attempted to find out why his programs reimbursements under the Zadroga Act were apparently reduced, Rep, Peter King, R-NY, one of the sponsors of the Zadroga Act contacted Treasury Secretary Mnuchin as to why this was occurring in order to have the funds restored.

Here are copies of their correspondence:


March 16, 2020 Response from U.S. Department of Treasury to FDNY Inquiry

June 18, 2020 Letter to Secretary Mnuchin from Congressman Peter King R-NY

August 20th, 2020 Response from Treasury to Rep. King

September 10, 2020 Letter to Secretary Mnuchin from Rep. Peter King

September 17th 2020 New York Congressional Delegation to Secretary Mnuchin

September 18th, 2020 Senators Gillibrand and Schumer Letter to Secretary Mnuchin

News Clips

‘It’s their f—ing job to make sure that the FDNY gets the money’: NY lawmakers furious that Treasury took funds from 9/11 health care
NY Daily News | September 18, 2020
The U.S. Treasury Department has claimed for a week that it was bound by law to take millions of dollars away from the New York City Fire Department’s treatment fund, but a review by the Daily News and by lawmakers irate over the vanishing dollars found that is not the case.

Maloney, Nadler, King Lead NY Delegation in Urging Sec. Mnuchin to Immediately Make FDNY Health Program Whole
Rep. Carolyn Maloney | September 17, 2020
“We are deeply concerned to learn that your Department, without any apparent notice to the FDNY World Trade Center Health Program, has been withholding part of the clinics’ reimbursement for several years.”

N.Y. congressional delegation demands Trump administration restore 9/11 health funds to FDNY
NY Daily News | September 17, 2020
New York’s congressional delegation joined Thursday in demanding that Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin “immediately” restore millions of dollars that the Trump administration has withheld from the FDNY’s 9/11 health care program.

‘Unacceptable’: N.Y. Republicans rebuke Trump administration for defunding FDNY 9/11 program as rest of GOP silent
NY Daily News | September 16, 2020
Most of New York’s congressional Republicans broke party ranks this week and condemned the Trump administration for stripping millions of dollars from the FDNY’s 9/11 health care program.

Trump administration admits defunding FDNY’s 9/11 healthcare program
NY Daily News | September 11, 2020
The Trump administration admitted Friday to stripping millions of dollars from an FDNY fund that foots healthcare bills for 9/11 survivors and promised to try to put an end to the heartless practice.

Trump Administration Secretly Withheld Millions from FDNY 9/11 Health Program
NY Daily News | September 10, 2020
The Trump administration has secretly siphoned nearly $4 million away from a program that tracks and treats FDNY firefighters and medics suffering from 9/11 related illnesses, the Daily News has learned.