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Congressman Dan Goldman Convenes Townhall on World Trade Center Health Program’s New 9/11 Youth Research Cohort

The Youth Research Cohort was created to study the long-term health of individuals who were aged 21 years or younger – including those in utero – at the time of the 9/11 attacks.

Suffer the Little Children? Survivors Exposed to September 11 Toxins as Youth Face Health Risks

Since the mid-2010s, Lower Manhattan community leaders have been advocating for the creation of a representative group of people exposed as children.

‘Astounding’ milestone: We cannot forget FDNY’s 9/11 sacrifice — then and now

The tick-tock of firefighters’ deaths is just the tip of this horror story.

FDNY seeks more funding after 9/11 illness deaths equals members who died on 9/11

The department averages three or four deaths a month, officials said.

‘A somber, remarkable milestone’: Number of FDNY members felled by 9/11-related illnesses now equal those who died on the day

The number of FDNY members who have died as a result of 9/11-related illnesses now equals the number of members who were killed on that September morning 22 years ago. 

Cancer incidence in World Trade Center rescue and recovery workers by race and ethnicity

Compared with NYS population, White workers had significantly higher incidence of prostate cancer and thyroid cancer, while Black workers had significantly higher incidence of prostate cancer.

343 FDNY members now dead from 9/11-related illnesses, same number killed in WTC attacks

The firefighters union said that more members are being diagnosed each day, and there needs to be funding in place in order to properly help them.

FDNY death toll from 9/11-related illnesses reaches agency’s 9/11 toll

The number of FDNY members who have died from 9/11-related illnesses is now equal to the number who died on the day of the attacks: 343 the day of, and 343 in the years that have followed.

9/11-related illnesses have now killed same number of FDNY firefighters as day of attacks: “An ongoing tragedy”

Ansbro and James Brosi, president of the Uniformed Fire Officers Association, both called for increased funding to the FDNY World Trade Center Health Program.

FDNY’s Ground Zero-related illness deaths reach 343, same death toll as number who died on 9/11

On Saturday morning, retired Firefighter Robert Fulco died of pulmonary fibrosis that was linked to the toxic cloud swirling above Ground Zero in the days and weeks after the terror attacks.