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Park renamed in honor of Detective Luis Alvarez who fought for 9/11 victims’ rights

Nassau County officials were joined Tuesday afternoon by the family of Detective Luis G. Alvarez and other NYPD officers for the unveiling.

PTSD is associated with accelerated transcriptional aging in World Trade Center responders

Emerging evidence suggests that methylation age may be accelerated in PTSD.

Mapping the transcriptomics landscape of post-traumatic stress disorder symptom dimensions in World Trade Center responders

The investigation focused on differential expression (DE) at the gene, isoform, and for the first time, alternative splicing (AS) levels associated with the symptoms of PTSD

Street named for Sgt. Leif Eikeseth, who succumbed to 9/11-related illness

Eikeseth lost his battle with cancer in 2019, when he was just 62.

Special Agent Louis H. Aguirre: End of Watch

Special Agent Loius Aguirre died as the result of cancer that he developed following his assignment to the search and recovery efforts at the World Trade Center site following the 9/11 Terrorist Attacks.

NY Volunteer Firefighter Dies of 9/11-Related Cancer

Dennis Tortorella served with the Town of Mamaroneck Fire Department for over 50 years, earning the rank of captain and being named an honorary chief.

Thumbs up for translational research framework from WTC program

The World Trade Center Research Program highlights their success in a new study.

Exposure to mass disaster and probable panic disorder among children in New York City

The current study investigated the association between exposure to a mass trauma event (the World Trade Center (WTC) attack) and risk of panic disorder among children.

The Development of a WTC Environmental Health Center Pan-Cancer Database

This evolving database represents an important resource for the scientific community about cancers and comorbid mental health conditions in the unique population of WTC survivors.

‘Andy was one of a kind.’ Former Fishers fire chief remembered after 9/11-related cancer death

Stromfeld, 60, died March 30 from cancer related to the terror attacks of Sept. 11, 2001.