Archive of News (2024)

Rochester area honors N.Y. state trooper taken by 9/11-related illness

New York state troopers gathered with residents of the Rochester area Saturday to mourn the loss and honor the life of Trooper Steven Tyrrell, who passed away earlier this month from cancer.

NYC agencies say they have no data on 9/11 toxins — ‘preposterous,’ reply Ground Zero victims’ advocates

An attempt to learn more about the deadly toxins kicked into New York City’s atmosphere after the 9/11 terror attacks has so far been shut down by city government.

Inflammatory markers in world trade center workers with asthma: Associations with post traumatic stress disorder

Our results suggest that PTSD is not associated with blood and sputum inflammatory markers in WTC workers with asthma.

VCF 2023 Annual Report

This report summarizes the VCF’s 12th year of operation, and focuses on the significant changes, challenges, and achievements of 2023.

New York State Trooper dies from 9/11-related illness after working at WTC site

Trooper Steven A. Tyrrell, 58, was assigned to New York City to aid in the search and recovery efforts.

The Importance of Lung Cancer Screening in Individuals Exposed to the World Trade Center Disaster

Our study findings demonstrate that beginning lung cancer screening at the age of 50 years and in those with fewer pack-years likely contributes to improved survival after a lung cancer diagnosis.

9/11 first responder who advocates for firefighters’ health diagnosed with cancer

Retired FDNY Chief Richard Alles lives a healthy lifestyle and is an avid runner.

Funeral for Joseph Zadroga, advocate for health benefits for 9/11 first responders sickened at Ground Zero

Zadroga, 76, of Little Egg Harbor, New Jersey, was struck and killed earlier this month in a hospital parking lot where he had been visiting his ailing wife.

‘He was selfless’: Hundreds mourn Joseph Zadroga, advocate for Ground Zero survivors

After his son’s death in 2006, Joe Zadroga essentially put his retirement on hold and became a prime advocate for increased federal health benefits for those suffering from Ground Zero health issues.

Push for new avenue to compensation for NJ 9/11 responders

“We owe it to the heroes of 9/11 to ensure they are duly compensated, no matter how much time has passed since the September 11th attacks,” Sen. Joseph Lagana (D-Bergen) said in a statement.