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Revived WTC Worker Task Force To Look at Coronavirus’s Impact

Governor Cuomo signed into law a bill reviving the September 11 Workers Protection Task Force as advocates warned that first-responders, who had endured World Trade Center-related diseases were now dying…

Jon Stewart and 9/11 advocates skewer Treasury and Mnuchin for taking funds from FDNY

Two of the people most credited with shaming Congress into passing 9/11 health care legislation — Jon Stewart and 9/11 advocate John Feal — ripped the Trump administration Tuesday…

Did the Trump Administration Withhold Money from FDNY 9/11 Health Fund?

The COVID-19 pandemic has made it harder for a cash-strapped New York City to front the costs of the 9/11 program.

“Our whole life was a movie”

Former North Canton resident loses husband to 9/11-related illness.

Trump’s Administration Secretly Took Millions From FDNY’s 9/11 Health Program

A New York Daily News investigation found nearly $4 million has been taken from the congressionally approved fund.

‘Pure Evil’: Report On Trump Administration Draining Fund For FDNY’s 9/11 Responders Draws Outrage

A New York Daily News scoop published Thursday revealed that the Trump administration has siphoned around $4 million from the New York City Fire Department’s fund for its September 11 first responders…

Names of 170 9/11 first responders added to wall in Nesconset park

Hundreds gathered Saturday in Nesconset for the reading of the names of 170 people who’ve been added to the wall of 9/11 first responders who have died in the past year.

Trump administration admits defunding FDNY’s 9/11 healthcare program

The Trump administration admitted Friday to stripping millions of dollars from an FDNY fund that foots healthcare bills for 9/11 survivors and promised to try to put an end to the heartless practice.

Characterization of Persistent Uncontrolled Asthma Symptoms in Community Members Exposed to World Trade Center Dust and Fumes

The destruction of the World Trade Center (WTC) towers on the 11th of September, 2001 released a vast amount of aerosolized dust and smoke resulting in acute and chronic exposures to community members…

Lasting health effects from 9/11 plague local survivors

Brian Wills, an Estero man who once was a gold trader at the World Trade Center, said breathing in ground zero toxins for months caused him to develop serious long-term health issues.