9/11 Health and Compensation in the News

Below are summaries with url’s to news articles that appeared recently about 9/11 Health and Compensation issues.

An archive of past articles by year, can be found on the 911 Health Watch website at http://www.911healthwatch.org/news/ :

February 10, 2017
IJRFirst Responder Who Helped 9-11 Victims While Off Duty Dies from Cancer Linked to Ground Zero Dust
Nearly 16 years after the attacks on the World Trade Center, New York City Fire Department EMS Lieutenant Edith Torres died Wednesday as a result of toxic dust she inhaled at Ground Zero.

February 10, 2017
NYC PatchNew York Fire Lieutenant Dies Of 9/11-Related Cancer
Lieutenant Edith Torres died on Wednesday of 9/11-linked cancer, her brother told the New York Daily News.

February 9, 2017NY Daily NewsFDNY EMS lieutenant, who helped Sept. 11 victims while off-duty, dies of 9/11-linked cervical cancer
An FDNY EMS lieutenant whose partner died when the Twin Towers fell is the latest casualty of the toxic dust at Ground Zero, according to her family.

February 8, 201
7 — NYC Patch9/11 Heroes, NFL Players ‘Scammed’ Out Of Settlement Money, Feds Say
New York attorney general Eric T. Schneiderman and the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau are suing RD Legal Funding LLC.

February 8, 2017WNBCCompany Accused of Scamming 9/11, NFL Concussion Victims
New York and federal authorities sued a company Tuesday that they say scammed sick 9/11 responders and NFL players who are receiving payouts for concussion-related injuries.

February 8, 2017
NY1Whistleblowing Lawyer Who Exposed Alleged 9/11 Victims’ Fund Scam Speaks Out
The lawyer credited as the whistleblower on an alleged scam targeting 9/11 first responders is speaking out.

February 7, 2017Institutional InvestorHedge Fund Accused of Defrauding 9/11 Heroes
New York’s attorney general filed suit against RD Legal, accusing the hedge fund of “scamming” 9/11 compensation beneficiaries and NFL concussion victims.

February 7, 2017APCompany accused of scamming 9/11, NFL concussion victims
A company that promised sick 9/11 responders and NFL players with concussion injuries that it could “cut through red tape” to get their payouts faster lured them into advances that meant hundreds of thousands of dollars in illegally high interest … Continue reading →

February 7, 2017
Eric T. SchneidermanA.G. Schneiderman And Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Announce Lawsuit Against RD Legal For Scamming 9/11 Heroes Out Of Millions Of Dollars In Compensation Funds
Lawsuit Also Accuses Company Of Deceiving National Football League Concussion Victims

February 7, 2017ReutersBRIEF-RD Legal Funding is sued by US CFPB, NYAG over advances to 9/11 victims, NFL retirees
* Rd legal funding llc is sued by u.s. Consumer financial protection bureau, new york attorney general — court filing

February 7, 2017Consumer Financial Protection BureauCFPB and New York Attorney General Sue RD Legal for Scamming 9/11 Heroes Out of Millions of Dollars in Compensation Funds
CFPB and NY Also Accuse Company of Deceiving National Football League Concussion Victims

February 7, 2017NY Daily NewsNY Attorney General says legal funding company ripped off 9/11 responders, football players with ‘unlawfully high’ interest rates
A lending company promised 9/11 and NFL concussion victims attractive advances on payouts — then cheated them out of millions with “unlawfully high” interest rates, the New York State Attorney General alleged Tuesday.

February 7, 2017CNNCompany accused of scamming 9/11 heroes out of millions
A legal-funding company is being accused of targeting 9/11 first responders and allegedly scamming them out of millions of dollars.

February 7, 2017USA TodayLegal financial advance firm accused of scamming 9/11 heroes, NFL players
A New Jersey-based company that offers financial advances to people awaiting legal settlements was accused Tuesday of scamming first responders to the 9/11 terrorist attack by luring them into costly advance deals on pending compensation and settlement payouts.

February 7, 2017NY PostLender scammed 9/11 first responders out of millions: suit
A Cresskill, N.J., lender scammed 9/11 first responders ​suffering from cancer — as well as football players with brain injuries — out of millions of dollars by luring them into illegal loans with interest rates of as much as…

February 6, 2017Downtown Express — In the wind: Experts say thousands of Downtowners affected by toxic 9/11 dust still missing from Zadroga Act rolls
t’s been more than 15 years since the 9/11 attacks spread a cloud of toxic chemicals and dust across Lower Manhattan, and advocates say that many of the people who were harmed by it still don’t realize how they…

January 31, 2017NY Daily NewsNYPD Deputy Chief James Molloy dies of 9/11-related brain cancer
An NYPD chief has died of 9/11-related brain cancer after a long struggle with the disease, officials said Tuesday.

January 30, 2017
Downtown ExpressOP-ED: Downtowners should sign up for the health care they deserve
In the decade and a half since the September 11th attacks, lower Manhattan has not only been restored, it has become even more dynamic than before.

January 28, 2017ExpressTragedy as Irish firefighter 124th to die from Ground Zero toxic fumes after 9/11 attack
AN IRISH firefighter who worked at Ground Zero for months after the 9/11 terrorist attack has become the 124th officer to die from breathing in the dust and toxic air.

January 28, 2017
Western JournalismThe Toll Of Terror Grows As Another New York City Hero Falls
Another hero has fallen, as the toll of death from the Sept. 11, 2001 terrorist attacks continues to rise.