911 Health Watch on Andrea Mitchell Reports

We wanted to let you know that 911 Health Watch Board Member, FDNY Deputy Chief Richard Alles, National Legislative Director for the Uniformed Fire Officers Association will be appearing on the “Andrea Mitchell Reports” on MSNBC, today, September 11th at 12:30 PM, to discuss the Oped he coauthored with James Slevin, Vice President, of the Uniformed Firefighters Association and also a 911 Health Watch Board Member, “When 9/11 arrives, remember the living“ which appeared in the NY Daily News on August 31st.

In the article, they urged, “In the days approaching this Sept. 11 and on the day itself, we ask Americans to remember all the victims of that terrible day — those who lost their lives, and the thousands of living victims who are sick and dying from illnesses and injuries, some of which have taken years to fully manifest.”