911 Health Watch Statement on Victims Compensation Fund

Yesterday the NY Post published an article ” Nearly two years after Zadroga bill signed, Ground Zero workers and others sickened or injured in 9/11 attacks haven’t been paid” about the slow pace of the reopened Victims Compensation Fund.


Below is a statement from 911 Health Watch in response to the article.

911 Health Watch Statement on Victims Compensation Fund

It is good news that the Special Master Sheila Birnbaum has stated she finally plans to start making determinations in January and begin making the first payments from the reopened Victims Compensation Fund (VCF). Lawyers working on behalf of claimants before the VCF need to work more quickly to get claims filed along with the necessary backup information, the VCF must process these completed claims in a timely manner.

Since her appointment last May, we know that Ms. Birnbaum has been working diligently to set up her office, promulgate rules and put in place the administrative infrastructure for the newly reopened Victims Compensation Fund. She and her staff have faced serious challenges in reopening the VCF so that it will properly compensate those who have suffered economic losses from injuries caused by the toxins at ground zero. Ms. Birnbaum has tried to set up a process that can provide compensation, ensure protection against fraud, and limit administrative expenses. However, too many of the claimants continue to struggle to make ends meet and need and deserve prompt compensation.

Both the Victims Compensation Fund and the lawyers representing claimants before the VCF need to work faster to make sure that those with claims get the completed paper work submitted and determinations are made as quickly as possible.