Legislative History of Original 2010 Law

Legislative History

Library of Congress Legislative History of HR 847in 111th Congress
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Documents about Original 2010 Law

Government Accountability Office Reports Prior to Reauthorization
Read reports from the investigative arm of the United States Congress.

Congressional Research Service Memos Prior to Reauthorization
Examine memos that provide policy and legal analysis.

Congressional Hearings Prior to Reauthorization
Download full testimony and hearing proceedings related to the 9/11 health and compensation bill.

Congressional Sponsors Background Materials Prior to Reauthorization
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Congressional Votes From 2010 Effort to Pass Original Law

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Major Legislative Events In Effort to Pass the Original Law 2009 to 2011

H.R. 847 introduced in House of Representatives
February 9, 2009

Judicial Committee Mark Up
July 29, 2009

House Energy and Commerce Health Subcommittee Mark Up
March 16, 2010

House Energy and Commerce Full Committee Mark Up
May 25, 2010

House Floor — First Attempt at Passage
July 29, 2010

First House Passage
September 29, 2010

Senate Attempts to Break Filibuster
December 9, 2010

Final Floor Consideration
December 22, 2010

President Obama signs the James Zadroga 9/11 Health and Compensation Act
January 2, 2011

Public Law No: 111-347
January 2, 2011

Legislative Timeline of Effort to Pass Original Law 2003 to 2011

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