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Little Help for New York 9/11 Survivors Eligible for the COVID-19 Vaccine

Carl Sadler is 79 and lives near Lake George, in upstate New York.

Stories of Hope: From High School Student to 9/11 Health Advocate

On September 11, 2001, Lila Nordstrom was a 17-year-old student at Stuyvesant High School just three blocks north of the World Trade Center.

Former NYPD Sergeant Charged With 9/11 Benefits Fraud

Audrey Strauss, the Acting United States Attorney for the Southern District of New York, Dermot Shea, Police Commissioner of the City of New York (“NYPD”), and Russell W. Cunningham, Special Agent in Charge…

Ex-NYPD sergeant lied about work at Staten Island landfill filled with 9/11 debris: feds

A former NYPD sergeant was charged Thursday with a trashy 9/11 disability scam in which she falsely claimed to have spent hundreds hours toiling at a Staten Island landfill filled with dangerous World Trade Center debris.

Former NYPD sergeant charged with 9/11 benefits fraud

A former NYPD sergeant allegedly lied about having worked on 9/11 recovery efforts as part of an effort to score cash and medical benefits, authorities said.

Message from the Special Master on the Tenth Anniversary of the Signing of the Zadroga Act

This past weekend, as we ushered in a New Year, the 9/11 community marked an important milestone.

9/11 survivors, the ‘most at risk’ group, now facing a scary new enemy: COVID-19

It was the morning of the 9/11 attacks, and John Mormando was watching “Barney & Friends” with his kid.

I’ve made tough decisions about human lives. The COVID-19 vaccine is a similar challenge.

When it comes to eligibility and money, there will always be disagreement about who gets what, when and how. It goes with the territory in a free society.

9/11 Hero Who Had to Prove He Volunteered at Ground Zero to Get Benefits Dies

A 9/11 hero who volunteered, was struck with cancer linked to his time at ground zero and had to prove he was there that day in order to receive 9/11 benefits has passed away…

9/11 workers who die of COVID to be added to Nesconset wall

A memorial wall of granite in Nesconset is to start including workers who were sickened by the 9/11 wreckage if they also die of COVID-19, so long as they had an underlying condition related to their work…