Archive of News (2008)

Bush plans to put 9/11 workers care in hands of company based outside NY; sick would pay upfront

The outgoing Bush administration is working “covertly” on a contract that would yank 9/11 health and treatment programs from the FDNY and Mount Sinai Medical Center and could force patients to pay upfront, two New York lawmakers charge.

New health secretary Daschle must do the right thing for sick 9/11 responders

In a noteworthy coincidence, President-elect Barack Obama announced his nominee for Health and Human Services secretary the day after a judge set the first trial date for lawsuits by sickened 9/11 rescue and recovery workers

Ground Zero Lawsuits Are to Begin in 2010

After years of wrangling, lawyers for New York City and for the thousands of ground zero workers suing the city have agreed to begin trials in the spring of 2010.

David Shayt, eclectic Smithsonian curator

David Shayt summed up his impact on the world in less than 100 words.

Mayor Bloomberg stands pat as foe of health care bill for 9/11 workers

Citing cost, Mayor Bloomberg defended Monday his opposition to a torpedoed congressional bill to provide health care and compensation to Ground Zero workers.

September 11 Health Bill Stalls; One Backer Blames City Hall

A leading backer of the push to secure nearly $11 billion for survivors of the September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks is blaming the Bloomberg administration for opposing a federal bill that stalled in the House of Representatives.


Congress has shelved a $10.9 billion bill that would have provided health care to sick Ground Zero workers – and a big reason is that city officials objected to how much they’d have to kick in.

$10.9B health bill for 9/11 workers is nixed

Congress Sunday shelved a $10.9 billion bill to provide health care and compensation for Ground Zero workers, at least in part due to opposition from Mayor Bloomberg.

A Cloud of Smoke

OUR LOCAL CORRESPONDENTS about the complicated death of James Zadroga. James Zadroga’s death, on January 5, 2006, at the age of thirty-four, didn’t fall into one of the usual categories.

Ground Zero’s Lingering Victims

Seven years after terrorist attacks destroyed the World Trade Center towers, it is clear that many workers who responded to the crisis and many people in the community nearby are suffering lingering effects from breathing in toxic dust, smoke and fumes.