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At least 664 World Trade Center rescue and recovery workers have died since 9/11 – including 193 city cops, firefighters and medics, a state researcher says.

More Asthma Among Those Near 9/11 Site

Adults who were near the World Trade Center around the time it was attacked in 2001 have been twice as likely to develop asthma as the general population, a new analysis of public health registry data has found.

Lawmakers Lash Out at HHS Over Post-September 11 Care

The Department of Health and Human Services is dragging its feet on implementing a new health care program for September 11, 2001, responders suffering from illness related to the terrorist attacks, Reps. Jerrold Nadler and Carolyn Maloney said yesterday at a press conference in front of 7 World Trade Center.

Maimed on 9/11, Trying to Be Whole Again

Lauren Manning’s handshake is strong, almost bionic. You might think it was a byproduct of decades of playing tennis and golf. But her grip has been painfully relearned, and bolstered with more titanium pins than she cares to count.

Candidates silent on 9/11 health bill

Senators John McCain and Barack Obama made two New York City appearances on the seventh anniversary of 9/11, one at ground zero with Mayor Michael Bloomberg and the other at Columbia University, where they separately spoke about the importance of service

New Doubts That Dust Killed a 9/11 Rescuer

A 2003 pulmonary biopsy of James Zadroga, the New York City police detective whose death in 2006 has been held up as an example of the illnesses suffered by 9/11 rescue workers and others sickened by toxic dust at ground zero, found only minor abnormalities and no signs of the foreign materials found in his lungs after he died, according to a new report.

City spends $5M for ads urging WTC health care

The city is launching a $5 million advertising campaign Monday to encourage New Yorkers suffering with 9/11-related health problems to get help.

New hope for WTC sick

There were signs Thursday that Congress is moving toward legislation to provide health care and compensation to the forgotten victims of 9/11. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi would perform a national service by pushing the bill to passage

U.S. to Grant $30 Million for Civilians’ 9/11 Ailments

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is expected to announce on Thursday that it plans to award $30 million to hospitals and clinics that monitor and treat residents, students and other so-called nonresponders who were exposed to dust and smoke at ground zero.

CDC Announces Major Grant For Treatment Of WTC-Related Illnesses

The federal government announced a major grant today for the treatment of residents affected by the smoke and dust following the collapse of the World Trade Center’s Twin Towers.