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May 23, 2019 -- NY Daily News -- Holdout Texas Republican Rep. Dan Crenshaw — who once snubbed 9/11 survivor — signs on to Victim Compensation Fund renewal
The Texas Congressman who sparred with 9/11 responders over his lack of support for a bill to help survivors and victims of the 2001 attacks is signing on to the legislation.

May 22, 2019 -- EMS World -- N.Y. EMS Providers Honored Posthumously for 9/11 Response
A doctor and a medical supplies salesman, both Long Islanders, were honored posthumously for their 9/11 service during an Albany ceremony that unveiled their names Tuesday on the Tree of Life EMS Memorial.

Bill Ricci, until recently a lieutenant in the Clifton Fire Department, said his career was ended by sarcoidosis that he contracted after volunteering his time off at Ground Zero in the days after 9/11.

May 22, 2019 -- WCBS -- Advocates In Washington To Push For New Funding For 9/11 Fund
With the seven billion dollar 9/11 Victim Compensation Fund running dry, advocates are back in Washington Wednesday trying to convince Congress to pony up more money.

May 22, 2019 -- Townhall -- Let’s Remember 9/11 Responders Who Suffer – And Fix 9/11 Compensation Fund Now
The time for waiting is done.

May 21, 2019 -- Healio -- High-intensity dust exposure linked to airway abnormalities in World Trade Center firefighters
In firefighters who responded to the World Trade Center on 9/11, high-intensity dust exposure and early symptoms were associated with an increased likelihood of evidence of emphysema…

May 19, 2019 -- NY Post -- 9/11 fund shrivels up as first responder cancer cases continue to grow
New Yorkers who survived 9/11 are experiencing a massive surge in aggressive brain cancers as dollars for the September 11th Victim Compensation Fund continue to dry up…

May 18, 2019 -- -- Never Forget the Heroes Act a must for 9/11 responders
Sometimes people want what they don’t need.

May 18, 2019 -- -- He showed up on 9/11 to volunteer his help, and now he’s sick. We must help him, legislator says
Lt. Bill Ricci knows he will continue to have respiratory problems. He also knows it will be because of 9/11.

May 18, 2019 -- NY Daily News -- Standing for the heroes: Congress appears to be stepping up for those sickened by the toxic air after 9/11
When September 11th Victim Compensation Fund Special Master Rupa Bhattacharyya saw the ever-growing numbers of people felled by illnesses caused by exposure…

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